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We specialize in aerators, aeration, industrial wastewater treatment, lagoon aeration, wastewater aeration systems and aeration equipment. Our industrial and municipal aeration equipment features a unique turbine water aeration design which resulted from years of studies within fluid dynamics in particular on the principles of centrifugal force and “precession” as applied to rotating fluids.


The turbine system has an energy efficiency of up to three times higher than other “Self-Aspirating Aerators” available on the market and has the advantage of no moving parts inside.

Water aeration is a key component for aerobic micro-organisms to flourish. These microbes are needed to help clean water to its natural state.  Mountain streams are clear and pristine due to the natural aeration of water falling over rocks and movement of the stream. When water is stagnate, this natural process must be duplicated. Aerobic microbes and dissolved oxygen are the keys to most water problems. Turbine Technology is the answer to your needs!

With no internal moving parts, this water aerator is completely reliable and virtually maintenance free. There is no need to worry about clogged pump intakes or plants getting tangled. The Turbine is completely self-cleaning. The system is designed to run 24/7 never having to shut down. However, if a need arises, the pontoon system transforms for easy storage. The pontoons slide together and the motor “nests” into the pontoons. The pontoons are made of a foam-filled, polyethylene shell with stainless steel support beams.